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Does anyone remember if Dedicate Gorse was a mage or not? I can’t recall in any of the books if he was. I’m rereading Cold Fire where we learn about cook mages and I was curious.

So does anyone know?

i’m fairly certain he is a mage but i’m not positive

Dedicate Gorse is a mage, he was involved in determining the components of boom dust.

I am confused about Tyene Sand

Like, are they just cutting the junior Sand Snakes?

Even though Oberyn was writing a letter to his daughter Elia, who is one of those junior Sand Snakes?

And what about Doran sending Tyene to spy on the High Sparrow because her mother was a septa and she knows how to act like one?

And where is Arianne in all of this because she loves all her Sand Snake cousins like sisters especially Tyene and she also loves Myrcella?

I just have a lot of questions?


I know that the characters are fictional.

But the emotional damage they cause is real.

can I ask what it is you think most people misunderstand about Lyanna? This isn't a loaded question or anything; I actually don't have many ideas about her myself. She's kind of a cipher to me, except in the story about her defending Howland Reed.


Ned compares her to Arya and does call her “willful” but she was still only a 16-year old fairly sheltered highborn girl.  Every world has rules, and GRRM’s world of Westeros is no exception.  She would still have certain expectations put upon her and a long-established structure of traditions to contend with.  

My problem is that most people on this site tend to ignore this.  Portrayals tend to be melodramatic—favoring anachronistic soap opera-like scenes between Starks instead of you know, more medieval-based realities. To that end, there is only so much she could have done to defy her family and/or her father.  Even 30-something yr old, as much agency as a woman in Westeros can have, Queen Cersei Lannister would never publicly do things to call into question House Lannister or Tywin himself.  

Yet I’m supposed to believe that 16 yr old Lyanna from a staunchly traditional Great House is going to call out her father or brothers or make demands or otherwise behave in a way that would dishonor her house?  It doesn’t fit within what GRRM has established as the norm, even if you do believe she was the Knight of the Laughing Tree.  (Also if she was the mystery knight, defending Howland Reed is not an act of defiance. It fits with Stark ideas of honor and taking care of their own bannermen.)

Related sidenote: I also hate, hate, HATE portrayals of Lyanna and Elia as best friendsies.  The Lyanna/Rhaeger OTP while Elia just smiles and is cool with it is gross on like three different levels that I can think of offhandedly and is just a disservice to both females in the picture. 


So very true. Oh Myy.
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